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O' I'm Juss Sayin

3 things you should be doing to breakout!

by Lady D on 08/15/15

Breakout is defined as a forcible escape, typically from prison; an outbreak; suddenly and extremely popular or successful. 

My goal is to help people realize they are more the capable to breakout even if it is forcibly from where they are to where they want to be. 

1. Try something new - Find one thing a month to try that you have never tried before. If it came to your mind then you should try it. We have become like robots that follow the same routine daily. Travel the same route home, get up at the same time everyday. We eat the same foods and sometimes we should mix things up a bit and do the same tasks we do everyday except do it differently then you have become accustomed to. 

2. spend quality quiet time alone- If you need to get clear on what you have been doing and what you want to accomplish with your life or the rest of the year then you need clarity. You have to turn off social media, TV, radio and whatever can distract you from getting clear. The only way to get clear is to sit and listen to your own hearts vibration. Figure out what you want out of this life. Not watching what other are doing, or what mommy and daddy wanted for you but what do you want. Get clear and listen to your heart, pray and God your creator what did he create you for? Then just put a pin in your hand and start writing that out. You can really get to the bottom of what you want when you tune everything and everyone out.

3. Let go of the negative nouns - Those people, places and things that are a source of negativity. We all know those people and if we are truthful have been those people that have complained about a whole lot of nothing. Well when your trying to breakout from where you are you have to disconnect from negative sources. Social media can be very frustrating you can witness those people that one moment have a wonderful message of hope and love and the next minute they are talking about someone who has done them wrong, then the move to a prayer and a scripture and back to cussing. I have started unfriending, unfollowing and blocking all those that believe that what they share has no influence on the reader. I have to protect my gates. My gates are my eyes, ears, mouth, and my heart are all gates. They allow people access to my spirit. The wrong information can cause you to become contaminated. I am not in the business of being anyone els's dumping ground because I was not created to be a doormat and neither have you. 

If you are trying to breakout from where you are to where you want to be you need to refocus and get alone and be quiet and listen to your heart. Try something new and be spontaneous. Taste a new food or take yourself out on a date. Accept the challenge to step outside your comfort zone and do something that scares you. Finally block out all the negative nouns of life that are dumping and feeding your spirit with things that block your flow. Negativity causes you to be clogged and you won't be able to think clearly, 

These are my 3 things but you can develop your own breakout plan. Whatever you do just do it. Breakout! 

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Bye for now,
Darlene Hart

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