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                                                                      About The Book
Behind the Makeup was created by Darlene L. Hart who after a year of preparation and prayer. God gave her the answer to what she was searching for and it was to undergird a mission to help people live authentically. The Lord answered her prayers. This assignment was birthed from a jail cell. Her decision to live in spite of her own short comings and mistakes. Darlene made a conscious decision to use every trial she experienced to make life better for herself and her family. In her own words she was sitting in her cubicle at work worrying about an upcoming court case when in her frustration she got on her knees and prayed asking the Lord for help. She asked the Lord to stop her pain and remove any evidence of the hurt she experienced at the hands of those around her. When she got up off her knees the Lord clearly spoke to her and told her to use it. Not believing that the Lord was telling her to use it she continued to seek God for answers. Again she heard the Lord instruct her to use it. 

At that moment she began to question why God would not just do as she asked and deliver her from the pain that was overwhelming her. God again told her to use it. She began to ask God to show her how to use it. Darlene was led to her computer and because she is a visual person God began to use images of women who were dressed in very expensive clothing with the faces covered in makeup, with nice home and nice cars. In her search she realized that the images revealed women who appeared to be happy. These women seemed to have a wonderful life and they were doing what they were meant to do. Even if they were not living their dream, they were still successful and happy. That was all smoke and mirrors, to hide the truth. These women were much like her living behind a mask of things, clothing, and makeup. They were women who rarely told anyone how there really felt or allowed anyone to see how she really lived. Basically they were living a facade. Through this revelation Behind the Makeup was birthed. The first book Behind the Makeup features women who share their testimony of how they were led to live the life the Lord intended for them. They reveal how living without disguise of secrets and lies gave them the freedom to be who God created them to be. Through this project, the vision was given legs to walk. After a few denials, and some closed doors the perfect number of completion was achieved. 7 women rose to the challenge to Co-Author Behind the Makeup. Darlene Hart enlisted the help of six other women to collaborate in writing a book that would help women transform their lives. Darlene L. Hart has a vision to change the face of the way people live their lives especially those who are leaders in the community, the church, and high profile positions. Her mission is to find men and women who are no longer hiding behind material possessions or the mask worn to conceal their pain. The Behind the Makeup series is a blue print for those seeking guidance through life's painful circumstances. It is a tool to use to find your own path to an authentic life. We are all at one time or another fall off the beaten path, but that does not deny us from having the life we were created to live. 

For booking Darlene Hart or the women of Behind the Makeup to come to your church or function please contact us by submitting an email to Admin@behindthemakeup.org 

The First Edition of Behind the Makeup is Co-Authored by 7 women

First Lady Darlene L. Hart, Collaborator and Visionary, First Lady Donnica Crossland, First Lady Tonita Bell, 
Elder Lauraline Gregory, Minister in Training Christal Wooten, Prophetess Tracy Orie, ​Co-Pastor Nya Small

The newly released book Behind the Makeup of a Leading Lady is Co-Authored by 8 women

First Lady Darlene L. Hart Collaborator & Visionary, Pastor Patricia Jackson, First Lady Tamika Parran, 
Pastor Vondale Mack, Pastor Tiffany Bryan, Pastor Michelle Limes, Pastor Adrian Partlow, ​First Lady Rose Godlock