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O' I'm Juss Sayin

Dream Big and then Dream Bigger

by Lady D on 02/14/16

After examining the life of Joseph in the Bible and realizing a few of my own dreams. I realized a few things from his experience. I understand that we all have dreams we have held inside of us and at some point we have endeavored to share it with someone. 

Joseph experienced hard times, only after sharing his dream with others. That is when all of his trouble began. So we should understand that when God gives us a dream those we share it with be it family or friends may not every catch on to what God has shown us. The dream was not given to anyone but you and God given dreams are always faced with opposition. Don't be alarmed we may have to climb a few hurdles to realize the dream, but know that if you keep the faith and stay the course it shall come to pass.

It is for an appointed time, and although Joseph had the dream, saw the vision and knew the outcome he did not know all he would endure at the hands of many even those he trusted. We should never alter our dreams because others don't jump on board. Neither should we give up because of a few obstacles. 

In the end the very dream was accomplished for Joseph and so it will be for you if you just keep the faith and hold on. If you have ever gotten on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. The ride goes through twist and turns, they go up hill and down. The ride starts off slow and gradually gets faster as it continues on. While you may at some point enjoy the ride surely at one time or another you have to be over it and want to get off the ride. No matter how hard you cry and scream you cannot get off until the ride is over. 

The same holds true in the ride of life! Stay on this ride and no matter how bumpy it gets in the end it will be worth it. Ride on Love!

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